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Q My 18-month-old girl is still not sleep­ing through the night. Is this nor­mal? A Early child­hood health nurse Sharon Don­ald­son says:

All chil­dren (and adults) will wake at some point dur­ing the night – some­times wak­ing com­pletely and, at other times, not even re­mem­ber­ing if they have wo­ken or not. Chil­dren who learn to self-set­tle to sleep at bed­time and for their naps dur­ing the day are more likely to re­set­tle them­selves when they wake overnight. Ev­ery child de­vel­ops the abil­ity to re­set­tle and ‘sleep through’ at their own pace, and some are quicker than oth­ers. Your lit­tle girl is nor­mal, but with a con­sis­tent bed­time rou­tine and en­cour­age­ment of self-set­tling to sleep, she will learn to re­set­tle dur­ing the night more quickly.

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