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Q I’ve been breast­feed­ing for more than two months and have had three se­vere bouts of mastitis. What can I do to pre­vent fu­ture episodes?

A Lac­ta­tion con­sul­tant Bar­bara Glare says: Make sure your baby drains your breasts well, but if your breasts are still un­com­fort­ably full, ex­press un­til your breasts soften and feel nor­mal. It’s vi­tal to avoid en­gorge­ment, so en­sure your bra fits well and doesn’t cut into your breasts. If you have a blocked duct, or your breasts are en­gorged, use a hot com­press or ex­press some milk while hav­ing a hot shower. Feed your baby, then put on an icepack.

A mild anal­gesic, such as Panadol or Nuro­fen, can help re­duce the pain and fever, but if the fever per­sists and you de­velop flu-like symp­toms, see your doc­tor. An­tibi­otics pre­scribed for mastitis are com­pletely com­pat­i­ble with breast­feed­ing – in fact, it is vi­tal to keep feed­ing through a bout of mastitis.

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