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Q I’m try­ing to keep my diet low in fat, but I al­ways feel tired and slug­gish. How can I eat healthily and main­tain my en­ergy lev­els?

A Nu­tri­tion­ist Dr Joanna McMil­lan says: Low-fat di­ets can be healthy if they’re based on whole­some nat­u­ral foods – the Ja­panese diet is tra­di­tion­ally very low in fat. How­ever, Western low-fat di­ets, which are full of diet foods, re­duced-fat pro­cessed foods and too much re­fined starch and sugar, are com­pletely dif­fer­ent.

Rather than fo­cus­ing on the fat in your diet, take a look at the foods and drinks you are con­sum­ing. Do you have red meat three or more times a week for iron? Do you have an oily fish, such as salmon or sar­dines, at least twice a week? Do you snack on a hand­ful of nuts ev­ery day? Do you use av­o­cado in sand­wiches and wraps? Are you driz­zling ex­tra vir­gin olive oil over your sal­ads and veg­eta­bles? All of these foods are packed with nu­tri­ents and full of the right fats, yet tend to be omit­ted on a low-fat diet. They also make food taste de­li­cious – and that’s the kind of diet you should stick to long term.

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