In­ter­act with him

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If you read to a tod­dler and he doesn’t seem fo­cused, don’t as­sume he’s not in­ter­ested. Chil­dren need to be en­gaged, so you need to help him con­cen­trate on the story. It’s all about in­ter­ac­tion. So, if you’re read­ing a book and his at­ten­tion is drift­ing, get him to fo­cus by ask­ing ques­tions about the story: ‘Hey, where’s the bunny gone?’ Grab his at­ten­tion, so he takes a look at the book and spots the bunny. Don’t worry if you can’t get him to fo­cus straight­away. If you’re in­ter­ested in the book, he will even­tu­ally fo­cus on the story, too.

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