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Dropped some­thing on the floor? Well, don’t ex­pect your lit­tle one to pick it up for you – the idea won’t even cross her brain! It’s not un­til she reaches the age of 14 months that her ca­pac­ity for read­ing the mean­ing in your ac­tions be­gins. Once it does, she’ll be in­creas­ingly able to read what your in­ten­tion or your goal is, and start help­ing you, for ex­am­ple by lift­ing her bot­tom as you take her nappy off.

Try this

Once your baby reaches the 14-month mark, help her prac­tise this new abil­ity. Put a toy or book on the floor, pre­tend to look for it and watch her fo­cus on hand­ing it to you.

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