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Tubu­lar breasts need to be mon­i­tored as they of­ten co­in­cide with low-milk-sup­ply is­sues. An ab­sence of growth or change in shape dur­ing preg­nancy could in­di­cate that you’re vul­ner­a­ble to low-sup­ply is­sues, so care needs to be taken to en­sure your baby gets what she needs.

If you do have a low milk sup­ply, fol­low the ad­vice for small-breasted mums un­til your sup­ply is es­tab­lished. The more milk you drain from the breast, the more it will pro­duce. If your baby feeds ef­fi­ciently, she is usu­ally able to drain your breast bet­ter than a pump. Mon­i­tor how of­ten she sucks and how of­ten she swal­lows.

If it’s more than 10 sucks per swal­low, milk trans­fer is poor. In this case, or if she’s sleepy at feed­ing time, it’s bet­ter to drain your breasts to in­crease milk sup­ply. Bot­tle-feed the ex­pressed milk, and breast­feed for com­fort. Once your sup­ply in­creases, re­turn to breast­feed­ing for nu­tri­tion.

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