Make a mem­ory

Mother & Baby (Australia) - - Summer Holidays -

For this lovely keep­sake, you’ll need some plas­ter of Paris (avail­able from Bun­nings) – it’s im­por­tant this stays out of your lit­tle one’s reach. Mea­sure one cup­ful of plas­ter, tip into a freezer bag and seal care­fully. Take this and a spade with you to the beach. Find a flat patch of damp sand, and dig a small sec­tion to loosen it before smooth­ing the sur­face. Press your child’s hand or foot into the sand, to a depth of at least 2cm, to make a mould. Now pour half a spade of sea­wa­ter (check the in­struc­tions for the ex­act ra­tio of wa­ter to plas­ter) into the freezer bag and re­seal. Squeeze the bag to mix, un­til there are no lumps. Gently pour the plas­ter into the mould. Leave to harden, then dig it out.

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