There is noth­ing more pow­er­ful or strong in this world than a mother’s in­stinct.

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I had an epidu­ral, but I tried to hold off for as long as pos­si­ble. I also had gas, which I didn’t have with Millana. That was so hi­lar­i­ous – I was ac­tu­ally Face­tim­ing friends say­ing “Look! I’m hav­ing the baby!”. All up I was in labour for about eight hours. I was in­duced 10 days early, and when the ob­ste­tri­cian broke my waters he pulled out a clump of Phoenix’s hair! It was so cool.

Trent’s daugh­ters were both born via cae­sar­ian, so I was de­ter­mined to have a nat­u­ral birth so he could ex­pe­ri­ence both. He was down at the busi­ness end of things, hold­ing my leg up, and while he was in shock and awe, he was tak­ing it all in his stride pretty eas­ily.

WHAT’S IN a name

My mum al­ways used to say to me “You’re like the phoenix, Kym – it doesn’t mat­ter what hap­pens, you will al­ways rise”. It crossed my mind when I was stopped at the traf­fic lights one day, then I turned my head and graf­fi­tied on a con­struc­tion site was the word ‘Phoenix’. I sug­gested it to Millana and Trent – who’d hated ev­ery other name I’d sug­gested – and they both loved it!

FAM­ILY ties

Millana is a mini mum to Phoenix. She’s so in love with him and she can’t be­lieve she has a lit­tle brother. She was an only child for 12 years and we were alone to­gether for nine years af­ter I separated from her father. We never thought in a mil­lion years that we’d have an­other baby. She had al­ways hoped and prayed for a sib­ling, so now she feels grate­ful ev­ery day.

THE weight­ing game

Hav­ing a teenager and a baby is tir­ing. A few months af­ter Phoenix was born, it got to a point where I was tired and anx­ious all the time. I was only sleep­ing when­ever he slept and I also no­ticed I had lost a lot of weight re­ally fast. When Millana was born, it took me about 18 months to lose the baby weight, so, at my age, with my me­tab­o­lism be­ing slower, I ex­pected it would take longer than that this time, yet within three to four months I was even lighter than my pre-preg­nancy weight. Blood tests re­vealed I had hy­per­thy­roidism [an over­ac­tive thy­roid], which ex­plained why I was feel­ing anx­ious and ex­hausted and had dropped too much weight. I’m on med­i­ca­tion now and I’m slowly start­ing to feel like my­self again. I’m now able to go out for a walk around the block with Phoenix, and even my fam­ily has no­ticed a big im­prove­ment in my over­all health.

HOME & work life

When Millana was just 12 weeks old, I went back to work on Neigh­bours, then when she was one I toured with Dirty Danc­ing. I missed out on the early time and I was not go­ing to miss out on it again. I en­joyed ev­ery spe­cial mo­ment of the for­ma­tive months, and now I just feel so strong and healthy. Phoenix is such an amaz­ing baby, in terms of his needs, that I’ve started read­ing scripts again for TV, movies and mu­si­cal theatre, and I’m con­sid­er­ing var­i­ous of­fers. I’m re­ally keen to get back in to the in­dus­try.


Par­ent­ing has changed a lot since I was preg­nant with Millana – there are so many more things to worry about! I don’t know how peo­ple have their first now – it’s in­for­ma­tion over­load and there’s so much con­flict­ing ad­vice com­ing from ev­ery direc­tion. You only have to open up your Face­book feed to start to feel in­ad­e­quate. All of this can dis­tract you from your in­stincts, and there is noth­ing more pow­er­ful or strong in this world than a mother’s in­stinct. You’ve got to trust it above and be­yond any­thing else, and just love the hell out of them!

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