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My 18-month-old doesn’t drink very much. I of­fer milk and wa­ter, but she only has a few sips. What can I do?

Nutri­tion­ist Dr Joanna McMillan says: Young chil­dren are gen­er­ally pretty good about eat­ing and drink­ing to ap­petite and thirst. I wouldn’t worry too much as I sus­pect she is sim­ply get­ting much more fluid than you re­alise from her meals. Fruit, ve­g­ies, milk on her ce­real, soup and so on all pro­vide fluid, so she may just not need much more. Pro­vided she is go­ing to the bath­room reg­u­larly and her urine is pale straw-coloured, she’s drink­ing enough.

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