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Q My 14-month-old son is heavy for his age. I’m wor­ried he will grow up obese. How do I make sure he stays healthy?

A Pae­di­a­tri­cian Dr Scott Dun­lop says: There is grow­ing ev­i­dence that chil­dren who are over­weight at an early age will be­come over­weight adults. There are ob­vi­ously many fac­tors in­volved – ge­net­ics, food choices, and life­style ac­tiv­ity. Hav­ing said that, many ‘over­weight’ tod­dlers grow sig­nif­i­cantly leaner as they be­come more mo­bile. A 14-month-old child who has just started walk­ing may in­deed lose a lot of his ‘puppy fat’ as he mo­bilises. The key to avoid­ing adult obe­sity is to try to es­tab­lish healthy life­style choices from an early age – eat­ing a broad range of foods, en­cour­ag­ing a pos­i­tive ap­proach to eat­ing, bal­anced por­tions and an ac­tive life­style fo­cussed on play and out­door pur­suits.

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