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Q I gave birth three months ago, but it is still quite painful to have sex. The pain is in my epi­siotomy scar. What can I do?

A Dr Vi­jay Roach, ob­ste­tri­cian, says: An epi­siotomy is a cut made with scis­sors at the in­troi­tus (open­ing of the vag­ina) to al­low room for the baby’s head and to re­duce the risk of over­all per­ineal trauma. There is a lot of de­bate as to whether it is bet­ter to tear rather than to have an epi­siotomy. The mid­wife or doc­tor should use their judge­ment at the time.The scar tis­sue can be painful but in most women this re­solves af­ter six to eight weeks. In breast­feed­ing women, their oe­stro­gen lev­els are low and this can make the vag­ina dry and make in­ter­course un­com­fort­able, even in a woman who has had a cae­sarean sec­tion. Af­ter three months it is un­usual to still find sex painful and you should see your doc­tor to check whether there is scar tis­sue that may need sur­gi­cal treat­ment. Other things that may help are lubri­cants, oe­stro­gen creams and gen­tle mas­sage.

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