Horse lips tech­nique

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Okay, so the name may not be very ap­peal­ing but this is an ef­fec­tive breath­ing tech­nique to help you through the tran­si­tional phase. It’s called the horse lips tech­nique be­cause it mim­ics a noise that horses often make when they’re ex­cited – they in­hale and then puff the air out, let­ting their nostrils vi­brate. This makes a breathy, purring or whin­ny­ing sound. And that’s the sound you’ll make!

Try it now: breathe in and, hold­ing your lips loosely to­gether, push the air out through them. Be­cause you have to re­lax your mouth, this tech­nique has the knock-on ef­fect of re­lax­ing other parts of your body, which keeps the oxy­tocin flow­ing. It’s also a good tac­tic to adopt if your mid­wife tells you not to push while you’re in tran­si­tional phase.

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