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What are they? About 40 to 50 per cent of ba­bies have milia, also known as milk spots (or ‘mil­ium’ when re­fer­ring to a sin­gu­lar spot). The small harm­less cysts typ­i­cally ap­pear as pearly-white bumps on the nose, face, mouth and scalp. At their largest, they are up to 1-2 mil­lime­tres wide.

What causes them? Milia are made of a pro­tein that oc­curs in your skin, called ker­atin. They are thought to oc­cur be­cause the sweat glands in new­borns are not yet de­vel­oped enough to drain away ker­atin in the skin. Treat­ment: Milia won’t hurt or ir­ri­tate your baby, and usu­ally clear up by them­selves within a few of weeks af­ter birth, with no treat­ment needed. #

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