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Cre­ate a pre­cious bond be­tween you and your baby with skin-to-skin con­tact

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Abig part of giv­ing your baby a happy, healthy start in life is bond­ing with them as much as pos­si­ble. Reg­u­lar lov­ing con­tact, in­clud­ing bath time, nappy changes and gen­tle mas­sages, helps cre­ate an emo­tional and phys­i­cal at­tach­ment. BATH TIME BOND­ING Us­ing bath oil at bath time is a great way to help hy­drate baby’s skin and re­tain mois­ture.

Rec­om­mended: QV Baby Bath Oil is a non-greasy wa­ter dis­persible oil for cleans­ing and mois­tur­is­ing and is free from soap, fra­grance and other com­mon ir­ri­tants. CHOOSE A GEN­TLE, SOAP FREE CLEANSER When it comes to baby’s skin, be mind­ful of in­gre­di­ents such as soap, fra­grance and other com­mon ir­ri­tants. These in­gre­di­ents can be de­hy­drat­ing or ir­ri­tat­ing, leav­ing in­fant’s skin prone to sen­si­tiv­ity and ail­ments in­clud­ing dry­ness, der­mati­tis and eczema.

Rec­om­mended: QV Baby Gen­tle Wash is a gen­tle, foam­ing, cleanser suit­able for mild cleans­ing of the hair and body. MOIS­TURISE TO PRE­VENT DRY SKIN The most ben­e­fi­cial time to ap­ply mois­turiser is im­me­di­ately af­ter bath time to lock in the mois­ture from bath wa­ter and oils.

Rec­om­mended: QV Baby Mois­tur­is­ing Cream re­lieves dry­ness by hy­drat­ing and help­ing to seal in the skin’s nat­u­ral mois­ture by act­ing as a pro­tec­tive bar­rier. CAR­ING FOR YOUR BABY’S NAPPY RASH Nappy rash is a very un­com­fort­able con­di­tion that can cause stress not only to ba­bies, but also to par­ents. Nappy rash is very com­mon and often oc­curs in baby’s first three to 12 weeks, and peaks at seven to 12 months.¹ The pri­mary cause of nappy rash is pro­longed ex­po­sure of the skin to urine and fae­ces. Adopt­ing a good skin­care rou­tine can help pre­vent the oc­cur­rence of nappy rash and en­sure baby’s skin re­mains healthy.

Rec­om­mended: QV Baby Bar­rier Cream can help soothe ir­ri­tated skin and pro­vide a pro­tec­tive bar­rier.

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