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QBe­ing a mum is much more tir­ing that I thought it would be. I’m still be­ing wo­ken three times a night and am exhausted. Is there any­thing I can do to boost my en­ergy lev­els?

AGP Dr Linda Calabresi says: It’s the re­lent­less­ness of moth­er­hood that can re­ally take its toll. Firstly you have to put your well­be­ing back on the agenda. Pay at­ten­tion to your pro­tein, fruit and veg­etable quota and keep your flu­ids up.

Many breast­feed­ing mums are un­der­nour­ished, de­hy­drated and exhausted by the end of the day and their ba­bies will not get suf­fi­cient milk, leav­ing them want­ing more feeds overnight, com­pound­ing the prob­lem. Also, if you’re up fre­quently at night, take a brief rest in the af­ter­noon when a nor­mal dip in en­ergy lev­els oc­curs – even 10 min­utes on the lounge with your feet up will help recharge your bat­ter­ies.

Fi­nally, if the ex­haus­tion is se­vere or con­tin­ues to trou­ble you de­spite all these mea­sures, see your doc­tor – oc­ca­sion­ally it can be a symp­tom of an un­der­ly­ing prob­lem, such as anaemia or de­pres­sion, which is of­ten read­ily treat­able.

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