How un­pre­dictable is your baby?

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“You can set your watch by pre­dictable ba­bies. They eat, sleep and get wet nap­pies at around the same time ev­ery day, so it’s easy to work out when they need their naps and when they’ll wake,” says Ni­cole. “A good-odds baby will be mostly pre­dictable, but now and again her rou­tine will hit a blip. But if you have

a crack­er­jack baby, it’s any­one’s guess when she’ll do any­thing! Her in­ter­nal clock seems to change daily, and you’ll never know when she’ll sleep.”

Help your crack­er­jack baby sleep bet­ter

Feel­ing a bit bleary-eyed? It’s not sur­pris­ing, be­cause many as­pects of sleep can be hard if you have a crack­er­jack baby. “You might find it hard to get her to sleep, you might find her wak­ing at any time of the night and get­ting up early. You might gen­er­ally strug­gle to get her to nap, or find that her naps are re­ally short,” says Ni­cole. “So if yours is a crack­er­jack baby, the trick is to tell your­self that you can only do so much. You can pro­vide her with the op­por­tu­nity to sleep, but you can’t make her sleep. There is a lot you can do to help, though: the more un­pre­dictable your baby is, the more im­por­tant it is that you stick to a sched­ule. That sounds counter-in­tu­itive, but the more ir­reg­u­lar you are, the more ir­reg­u­lar your baby will be­come.”

So make a sched­ule and stick to it. Put her down for naps at the same time ev­ery day, and ditto for bed­time. Use the same sleep rou­tine for both nap time and bed­time. And ap­ply your ap­proach to the lit­tle things as well as the big things. So, for ex­am­ple, open up the cur­tains at the same point in your rou­tine each day.

En­cour­age her to be as ac­tive as pos­si­ble dur­ing the day, too. Ob­vi­ously this will get eas­ier as she gets older, but even as a young baby make sure she’s hav­ing tummy time. En­sure her bed­room is at a good tem­per­a­ture for sleep, around 18 de­grees. If you’re breast­feed­ing, try cut­ting out all caf­feine for a cou­ple of weeks and see if that helps your baby sleep.

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