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“Talk to your baby from day one in a pos­i­tive and lov­ing way. Ex­plain who you are and tell him how much you love him. Tell him ev­ery­thing. Hold him close, look him in the eye, sing, of­fer lots of love. As new par­ents you may be told not to hold your baby as ‘you will spoil him’. You can­not spoil your baby with too much love. I am asked daily by new par­ents, as I en­cour­age them to hold their ba­bies af­ter feeds, ‘Won’t we be mak­ing a rod for our backs and spoil­ing him if we hold him?’ It breaks my heart when I hear this as young peo­ple are al­ready think­ing it’s nor­mal to feed and put a baby down in a cot alone and cry­ing, so they can ‘self-set­tle’. I en­cour­age you to make the night feeds lov­ing. Talk gently to your baby and make eye con­tact. These days will seem long, but they go very quickly.” Cathryn Curtin, mid­wife and au­thor of The First Six Weeks

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