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Nappy rash is com­mon in ba­bies, but your lit­tle one doesn’t have to suf­fer. QV Baby Bar­rier Cream helps soothe and pro­tect baby’s del­i­cate skin against ir­ri­ta­tion

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Nappy rash is a very un­com­fort­able con­di­tion that can cause stress not only to ba­bies, but also to par­ents. Nappy rash is very com­mon and of­ten oc­curs in baby’s first three to 12 weeks, and peaks at seven to 12 months.1

The pri­mary cause of nappy rash is pro­longed ex­po­sure of the skin to urine and fae­ces.

The key to main­tain­ing healthy baby skin­care is hydration, nour­ish­ment, and protection with a gen­tle mois­turiser that’s free from com­mon ir­ri­tants.

Adopt­ing a good skin­care rou­tine can help pre­vent the oc­cur­rence of nappy rash and en­sure baby’s skin re­mains healthy. As part of a com­plete regime to main­tain healthy skin, QV Baby Bar­rier Cream can help soothe ir­ri­tated skin and pro­vide a pro­tec­tive bar­rier.

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