Vegie noughts & crosses


Mother & Baby (Australia) - - Tummy Time -


2 slices brown rice or

buck­wheat bread 1 slice sour­dough bread 2 tsp Hum­mus the hero (top, left) 2 tsp Cu­cum­ber and yo­ghurt

dip (right) 1 cel­ery stalk 4 thin slices car­rot

1 Cut five 4cm (1½ inch) squares from the brown rice bread and four 4cm (1½ inch) squares from the sour­dough and set aside. Spread the sour­dough squares with hum­mus and the brown rice bread squares with yo­ghurt dip.

2 On a large plat­ter or tray, ar­range the bread squares to form a checker­board pat­tern with the brown rice bread in the cor­ners and cen­tre. Cut 10 5cm (2-inch) long thin pieces from the cel­ery stalk to make crosses and place on the brown rice squares, then place the car­rot slices on the sour­dough squares to make noughts.


Use a slice of Seeded loaf (left) in place of the sour­dough bread to boost the nu­tri­tional in­take and cater for chil­dren who can’t eat gluten.

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