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Eat­ing sea­sonal fruit and veg­eta­bles will be less of a strain on the purse strings.

Buy dried beans, as they are more eco­nom­i­cal than canned.

Swap mar­garine for but­ter and use full-fat dairy in place of low-fat, which is of­ten com­pen­sated with sugar and ad­di­tives. Choose real cheese in­stead of pro­cessed va­ri­eties.

Buy or­ganic meats where pos­si­ble. Ma­jor su­per­mar­kets now carry very af­ford­able or­ganic meat.

Skip sugar-filled, ar­ti­fi­cially flavoured yo­ghurts and in­stead opt for full-cream plain yo­ghurt with mixed fresh berries.

Using real food teach your child to ap­pre­ci­ate food’s nat­u­ral flavours and de­velop an un­der­stand­ing of what real food ac­tu­ally tastes like.

Make choco­late yo­ghurt with ca­cao pow­der and a touch of nat­u­ral sweet­ener; or make av­o­cado and choco­late mousse with av­o­cado, ba­nana, two ta­ble­spoons of ca­cao pow­der and sweet­ener.

Adding chia seeds to yo­ghurt pro­vides sus­te­nance and es­sen­tial pro­tein, cal­cium, vi­ta­min C, iron, potas­sium and omega-3 fatty acids.

Make your own trail mix using seeds, co­conut flakes, vi­ta­min C-rich goji berries and de­hy­drated fruit.

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