The week­end and night work is quite good for family life

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Post-par­tum health check

I felt aw­ful af­ter Lachy was born, but just thought it was ex­haus­tion from hav­ing a baby and work­ing. When he was about eight months old, I was work­ing on Mon­day

Night with Matty Johns and some­one tweeted the show, ask­ing if I had an Adam’s ap­ple. At the time I didn’t think any­thing of it. A few days later I looked in the mir­ror and no­ticed that my throat was swollen. I was hav­ing blood tests at the time and they checked my thy­roid lev­els, which were all out. I was di­ag­nosed with post-par­tum thy­roidi­tis. The doc­tors said that it comes and goes within 12 months of hav­ing the baby. Be­cause I al­ready dealt with it for eight months un­know­ingly, it was al­ready get­ting bet­ter by it­self. This time with Cooper, I knew what to ex­pect. When he was four weeks old I felt this hor­ri­ble drop, but my tests were nor­mal. At six weeks I had an­other test, which re­vealed my thy­roid lev­els had gone hay­wire again. I’ve been see­ing an en­docri­nol­o­gist ever since.

I kept swing­ing be­tween an overactive and underactive thy­roid. So when I was overactive, it made me feel anx­ious. Your heart races and you lose weight rapidly. Ev­ery­one wants to bounce back af­ter a baby, but not like that. It’s not healthy. I was on a hor­mone roller­coaster. When I was un­der-ac­tive, I was de­pressed and felt so low. It’s not se­ri­ous, and it’s some­thing that will re­solve it­self, but I have to keep an eye out and have blood tests reg­u­larly and check in with the doc­tor a lot.

Manag­ing the jug­gle

Lach­lan was born in late Jan­uary, so it was quite a short turn­around to be back at work by the time the sea­son started in March. I feel like this time, there’s more go­ing on be­cause we’ve got the all-con­sum­ing [Fox League] chan­nel, but I got more time with Cooper as a baby, which was good. I just can’t get enough of him; I guess be­ing a work­ing mum re­ally makes you ap­pre­ci­ate the time you have with your kids.

There’s also the mother guilt – ev­ery­one tells you that you feel guilty and there are times when you prob­a­bly feel that you could be do­ing more.

I wouldn’t say it’s harder, I think maybe it’s more emo­tional be­cause I’m busier and, with the sec­ond one, you don’t feel like you get as much time to ap­pre­ci­ate the mo­ments be­cause you’re busy with two chil­dren. Ev­ery time Cooper goes through a change, I find my­self feel­ing a bit more emo­tional about it be­cause I feel like I’m be­hind the eight ball.

I think I wouldn’t be able to leave my chil­dren if I didn’t love my job as much as I do, and feel like it sup­ports me. I don’t know if I could go back to a nine-to-five role in an­other work­ing en­vi­ron­ment with Cooper be­ing so young. While tele­vi­sion can be full-on in so many ways, the week­end and night work is quite good for family life. Not that I get to see my hus­band very much! But it means we’re shar­ing the load as op­posed to leav­ing the kids with some­one else a lot of the time. I’m try­ing my hard­est to re­lax, and I don’t mind if ev­ery­thing’s not done in one day. I think that’s what I’m try­ing to let go of. I’m just try­ing to em­brace the chaos!

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