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Q I found some blood in my new­born baby girl’s nappy. The GP said it was nor­mal but it’s still a worry to me. What’s it all about? A Dr Mike Starr, pae­di­a­tri­cian,

says: It’s quite com­mon to find a lit­tle blood in your baby’s nappy. There are lots of pos­si­ble causes and it’s usu­ally noth­ing to worry about. Your baby may have swal­lowed blood from a cracked nip­ple while breast­feed­ing. This will not hurt the baby and you can con­tinue to breast­feed (as long as it’s not too painful). The blood may be from a scratch or crack in the skin of your baby’s anus if she has had dry, hard or large bowel ac­tions. You can ap­ply nappy rash or bar­rier cream to the ir­ri­ta­tion if it is on the out­side skin. Due to ma­ter­nal hor­mones, many new­born girls have a vag­i­nal dis­charge of mu­cus, and some­times blood, for a few days. Se­vere nappy rash can also lead to some bleed­ing. In­ves­ti­gate blood in the nappy if it’s heavy or per­sis­tent, or she has a high fever or bruises.

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