It’s time to get se­ri­ous about your GUM HEALTH

Women ex­pe­ri­enc­ing hor­monal changes, such as preg­nancy, are one of the most at risk groups of gum dis­ease

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One in five Aus­tralians suf­fer from gum

prob­lems – and many don’t even know it, ac­cord­ing to re­search from the Na­tional Sur­vey of Adult Oral Health. New re­search from lead­ing oral care brand Oral-B has re­vealed that more than half (53%) ad­mit that they have ig­nored or dis­missed the early signs of the dis­ease.

Dur­ing preg­nancy, in­creased lev­els of pro­ges­terone can make the gums more sus­cep­ti­ble to plaque bac­te­ria. By check­ing your teeth and gums for any signs and symp­toms of gum prob­lems such as red­ness in the mouth, swelling or bleed­ing when brush­ing to ‘Rid the Red’, these poor oral health and gum prob­lems may be pre­vented or even re­versed be­fore it’s too late.


1 Os­cil­lat­ing-ro­tat­ing elec­tric tooth­brushes are the best way to re­move the most plaque. Brush your teeth for two min­utes, twice a day.

2 Floss reg­u­larly, pay­ing spe­cial at­ten­tion to your back teeth, which can har­bour more plaque as they are harder to reach.

3 Re­place your tooth­brush ev­ery three months.

4 If you ex­pe­ri­ence bleed­ing gums, that’s gen­er­ally a sign that you haven’t cleaned that area thor­oughly. Pay a lit­tle more at­ten­tion brush­ing and floss­ing in that spot, but if the bleed­ing con­tin­ues, see your den­tal pro­fes­sional.

5 Use a spe­cialised prod­uct to help ad­dress any den­tal prob­lems or con­cerns.

6 Visit a den­tal pro­fes­sional reg­u­larly for check-ups and clean­ing, es­pe­cially in preg­nancy.

Far too of­ten the signs and symp­toms get left un­treated as pa­tients ig­nore them, un­aware of the po­ten­tial long-term dam­age that gum prob­lems can have. MATTHEW HOPCRAFT CLIN­I­CAL AS­SO­CI­ATE PRO­FES­SOR, LEAD­ING DEN­TIST AND ORAL-B CON­SUL­TANT “The new Oral-B Gum Care range helps to in­hibit plaque bac­te­ria growth be­tween brush­ings and re­duce tar­tar for­ma­tion.” MATTHEW HOPCRAFT

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