What is a LUL­LABY?

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To ‘lull’ means to ‘calm or soothe’, and lullabies are gen­er­ally simple songs with a repet­i­tive melody in­tended to in­duce sleep. Think of Twinkle,

Twinkle, Lit­tle Star. The first two lines are re­peated at the end of the song, and the tune of the mid­dle line is re­peated di­rectly: ‘Up above the world so high’ has the same tune as ‘Like a di­a­mond in the sky’. This simple struc­ture makes it sooth­ing and pre­dictable. There are no sud­den sur­prises or big leaps be­tween notes as these might star­tle your calm baby into a more wake­ful state again. The phrases are short and the tune is slow. Of­ten the rhythm gives a rock­ing feel­ing and re­flects the heart­beat, a com­fort­ing sound your baby heard in your womb. So could you give your favourite tune, whether it’s Ed Sheeran or Elvis, the lul­laby treat­ment? Just make it smooth, slow and low, and you and your baby will have your very own lul­laby, spe­cial to the two of you.

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