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1 Blow bub­bles near him

“To walk with­out sup­port, your baby needs to feel con­fi­dent about mov­ing and lift­ing his limbs,” says Karen. “A simple way of giv­ing him some prac­tice is to blow bub­bles near him. He’ll move to look at them and to reach out and touch them. That will build his con­fi­dence, help his sta­bil­ity and en­cour­age him to move.”

2 Play on a mu­sic mat

“Flat mats that play dif­fer­ent notes as your baby walks over them are great at this stage for en­cour­ag­ing move­ment,” says Karen. Ba­bies love ex­plor­ing them, and the lure of mak­ing sounds will mo­ti­vate him to keep mov­ing about.

3 Let him rest“

“Walk­ing takes a lot of en­ergy when you first start,” says Karen. “Your baby is ex­ert­ing him­self phys­i­cally and he’s putting a lot of thought into what’s go­ing on. So let him do it when he wants to – and let him stop when he wants to.”

Re­searchers at New York Univer­sity have found that when they’re first learn­ing the ropes, ba­bies will of­ten walk one day, then want a rest the next day and not walk at all. And even if he has only a few short bursts of ac­tiv­ity, your young­ster is still clock­ing up a lot of steps: on av­er­age, a toddler takes 2368 steps an hour!

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