How should you ex­er­cise?

Try our fun quiz to de­ter­mine the work­out that’s right for you

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We’re guess­ing that if you’re a nat­u­ral-born gym bunny, then you’re prob­a­bly find­ing it pretty easy to make the time and find the mo­ti­va­tion to get back there and strengthen your body after hav­ing a baby. But for the rest of us, ex­er­cis­ing can fall pretty far down the pri­or­ity list when you’re a mum. Yes, it’s all very well know­ing that rais­ing your heart rate with a lit­tle ac­tiv­ity will re-en­er­gise you men­tally, but ac­tu­ally do­ing it week in, week out can be tricky. But fig­ure out ex­actly what mo­ti­vates you, and dis­cover what ac­tiv­ity gives you that ben­e­fit in spades, and you’ll be com­ing back for more, no more nag­ging re­quired. Take the M&B quiz to find out what’s go­ing to work for you…

Start when YOU’RE READY

There’s no right time to start ex­er­cis­ing after you’ve had a baby. The gen­eral rule is to wait un­til after your post­na­tal check at six weeks, or 10 weeks if you’ve had a C-sec­tion. But only you know when you feel strong enough to start ex­er­cis­ing: that might be at six weeks, or it might be at six months or later.

Stay in tune WITH YOUR BODY

Don’t do too much too soon. You may not achieve the same on dif­fer­ent days, depend­ing on how much sleep you get, and you should feel bet­ter after ex­er­cise, not worse.

What’s your idea of a good night out now you’re a mum?

An evening stroll with my part­ner to the pub. I pre­fer a night in with a take­away and a movie. Go­ing out for a nice meal with my other half. Go­ing around to a friend’s house with the rest of the girls.

What’s your goal?

To help my body get strong again after preg­nancy and birth. To gen­tly guide my body back to its pre-preg­nancy state. To get back to feel­ing like ‘me’. All of the above.

Be­fore you were preg­nant, where did you ex­er­cise?

No gym for me – I pre­ferred to keep ac­tive out­doors. In my liv­ing room with a fit­ness DVD. In a class at the gym, swim­ming pool or lo­cal hall. Is this the right mo­ment to say I didn’t do much ex­er­cise?!

Did you ex­er­cise dur­ing preg­nancy?

I kept on the move for as long as pos­si­ble be­fore I had to slow down. I did some preg­nancy yoga in the pri­vacy of my home. I joined an ante-natal class. Not re­ally, my body was work­ing hard enough grow­ing a baby!

Have you bought a sports bra since you gave birth?

No, but I have lots of them from my pre-mummy days. No, but it’s on my to-do list. I have ac­tu­ally – and I can’t wait to wear it a bit more! Are you se­ri­ous? I’ve only bought stuff for my baby!

How are you find­ing be­ing a new mum?

It’s tak­ing a lit­tle while to get used to my new life, but I’m nearly there. I’m lov­ing it, but who knew there was this much to do?! It’s great fun. I’ve met so many new mums, too! I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it’s knocked my con­fi­dence.

How much ‘me time’ would you say that you get?

I’m torn: I hate be­ing away from my baby, but I def­i­nitely need more ‘me time’. I’m pretty good at find­ing 15 min­utes here and there to de­vote to my­self, it re­ally helps. I’m a bet­ter mum if I’m happy in my­self, so it’s a reg­u­lar part of my week. It’s a nice idea in the­ory, but when would I have the time?!

Shut your eyes and imag­ine that you are ex­er­cis­ing. How do you feel?

Happy. Mo­ti­vated. Bet­ter. Ex­hausted!

In a year’s time, you’ll be most happy if...

I feel fit and healthy. I feel more con­fi­dent about my body. I’m back in my favourite jeans. I’m still ex­er­cis­ing.

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