Work it, baby!

New mum and founder of TIFFXO.COM Tiffiny Hall shares her baby work­out

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Tiffiny Hall’s new baby work­out

Feel­ing ready to get back into ex­er­cise? Your bub makes the per­fect work­out part­ner but, re­mem­ber, baby safety first! If you don’t feel com­fort­able yet or strong enough to hold the baby while do­ing these ex­er­cises, then have your baby at a safe dis­tance in their bouncer or on a blan­ket while you do your ex­er­cises. And al­ways check with your doc­tor be­fore start­ing a post-par­tum ex­er­cise plan.

1. Curtsy squats

This is a fan­tas­tic low-im­pact ex­er­cise that en­gages all the mus­cles in the body.

Start stand­ing up straight, hold­ing onto your baby.

Step one leg be­hind you on the di­ag­o­nal and sink down into a curtsy. Lower your back knee as close as you can to the floor, main­tain­ing the align­ment of your front knee with your big toe. En­gage the core by flat­ten­ing your stomach against your spine and draw­ing the top of your rib cage down, con­nect­ing lightly up through the pelvic floor.


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