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Now that your lit­tle one is calm and feel­ing con­nected to you, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and get him sleepy. What works best to set­tle him at this point de­pends on his char­ac­ter. Take our quiz to find out what sooth­ing hacks will work sleepy magic on your lit­tle one.

YOU’RE IN THE MID­DLE OF YOUR BED­TIME ROU­TINE WHEN YOUR PART­NER WALKS IN. YOUR CHILD: A Pings up like a meerkat. It’s play time! B Sobs C Smiles D Is un­set­tled and you have to start the bed­time rou­tine all over again

THE BIG­GEST SOURCE OF BED­TIME FUSSING IN YOUR HOUSE IS… A Take your pick! B Chang­ing your child’s nappy C What bed­time fuss? D When you leave the room

YOUR LIT­TLE ONE’S COT HAS TO BE… A Strong enough to with­stand him bounc­ing on it! B Per­fect. If any­thing is dif­fer­ent to nor­mal, you’ll know about it. C A cot – he’s easy! D Tall – this baby can climb.

YOU’RE MOST LIKELY TO NEED TO GO BACK INTO THE BED­ROOM BE­CAUSE… A You can hear your lit­tle one rolling around B An un­ex­pected noise has wo­ken your child up C You want to see how cute your child is when he’s asleep D Your baby won’t stop shout­ing

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