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Many of us are trapped in the cy­cle of earn­ing, dream­ing and spend­ing. I know I am

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Au­ton­o­mous cars are noth­ing to worry about

I HAD AL­MOST for­got­ten how good a nat­u­rally as­pi­rated V8 could sound at idle. There I was, climb­ing aboard the Walkin­shaw W407 test car in the MO­TOR of­fice which you’ll read about later this is­sue. It was al­ready on, hunt­ing around be­low the ‘1’ on its tacho, an off­beat bur­ble rock­ing the car with a fa­mil­iar im­pa­tience. It spoke of an old-fash­ioned big-cube donk and a lopey cam, and it brought back mem­o­ries of cars I’ve known or owned. For me, these cars are more likely to be a mad, hiss­ing turbo thing from Ja­pan than some­thing with an enor­mous V8. There was one Nis­san Sil­via I now can not get out of my thoughts. It wasn’t any­thing flash to look at – it had faded sil­ver paint, ev­ery cor­ner was scuffed and the in­te­rior was full of a pre­vi­ous owner’s dog hair. But it went like a star­tled lizard up a twisty road and came on boost in a way that made pas­sen­gers go very, very quiet. In the last few days I’ve found my­self hunt­ing around on­line for some­thing sim­i­lar. The itch is back. The only prob­lem is, I’ve al­ready got a gad­get in the garage that needs at­ten­tion. But my AE86 Toy­ota Sprinter, while sur­pris­ingly en­ter­tain­ing in a big round­about for a 32-year-old car, has about half the power I think I’d like. I sense a fight with my credit card isn’t far off, and it’s not gonna be pretty. This is a prob­lem many of us have and some of us just go with the flow and end up with a drive­way full of cars. Or book­end our on­line car clas­si­fieds brows­ing with some real es­tate, with the ‘garage’ cri­te­ria set to four cars. That’s just the life, I’m learn­ing. Earn­ing, dream­ing and spend­ing, a cy­cle we’re all trapped in. Ev­ery few years, or months, we try to ex­tri­cate our­selves with help from loved ones – tidy up our act, try to grow up. But we are doomed to help­lessly but pre­dictably tum­ble back into the whirlpool. Per­haps the big­ger is­sue in all this is you just don’t know when it’s com­ing, and what’ll be the trig­ger. En­joy the is­sue.

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