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What hap­pens when the mo­ment you have been wait­ing for fi­nally ar­rives? Your kids have fin­ished school and are all driv­ing, school fees are over and you ac­tu­ally have some money in your pocket. This has just hap­pened in our fam­ily re­cently with four chil­dren now en­ter­ing the adult world. Don’t even start me on the process of find­ing four cars that fit each child’s ‘style’ and our ‘safety’ re­quire­ments.

What do you do when this time ac­tu­ally ar­rives? You go out and buy a new Mus­tang, of course. Amer­i­can mus­cle that you know should prob­a­bly of­fer more for the price, but ev­ery time you start it up it puts a smile on your face. This has cre­ated a life­style change for me. Friends now ask me “did you bring the Mus­tang?”, “How is the Mus­tang go­ing?”, “What does it go like – is it fast?” Peo­ple now look and stare at you as you drive past.

I have en­tered a new world that I never knew ex­isted. I now know about places such as CJ Pony Parts, Blue Oval In­dus­tries, Steeda, Amer­i­can Mus­cle and Mus­tang Mo­tor­sport. I am now re­search­ing which mods are the best for the car and which ones to start with in the quest for im­prove­ment.

How­ever, I do still think our lo­cal Fal­con and Holden was a bet­ter built prod­uct at the end of the day. Pity we won’t see that con­tin­ued trib­al­ism across the coun­try any more di­vid­ing us into Blue Oval or Red Lion sup­port­ers, worn like a badge of hon­our.

The Mus­tang is a work in progress. I have started with cos­metic things like LED lights, a GT350 steer­ing wheel and the stripes. Next things to look at are the sus­pen­sion, brakes, ex­haust and cold air in­take to re­ally take the car to the next level. Mark Gow, via email Great to hear you’re hav­ing a blast in the ’Stang, Mark. You’re cer­tainly not alone with your praise for the iconic coupe. Stay tuned for next month’s is­sue of MO­TOR as we have a plethora of beefed-up Pony cars on track to see what’s what.

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