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Mighty Mopar makes C63 AMG seem a lit­tle un­der­whelm­ing

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REAR-WHEEL drive, two doors and a pow­er­ful, force-fed V8 is a recipe for guar­an­teed suc­cess in our books. If you’re after some­thing along these lines, the most ob­vi­ous op­tion avail­able lo­cally is the awe­some Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe.

Pow­ered by a mon­strous 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, it’s es­sen­tially a high-end mus­cle car in a fancy suit. We’re big fans of its looks, noise, speed and dy­nam­ics on road and track and Aussie sales fig­ures sug­gest that we’re far from the only ones.

But what if you want real power? Not just the sort of power that can over­throw gov­ern­ments and rule coun­tries, but enough power to con­quer the uni­verse. Thanks to Mel­bourne’s Cross­over Car Con­ver­sions you can have a fully reg­is­tered, right-hand drive ver­sion of Dodge’s berserk Chal­lenger Hell­cat.

If you want to turn heads and fry tyres, the Hell­cat’s your car

It’s not cheap. By the time the car has been bought in the States for around US$50K, shipped to Aus­tralia, all the rel­e­vant taxes and du­ties ap­plied and the steer­ing wheel moved to the ‘cor­rect’ side, the price rises to near-$200,000.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that’s still not crazy money for a car that pro­duces 527kW/881Nm. Not only is that a whop­ping 152kW/181Nm more than the sim­i­larly priced C63, but it’s more power than any pro­duc­tion car on-sale in Aus­tralia bar the Fer­rari 812 Su­per­fast (588kW; $610,000), Tesla Model S P100D (568kW; $250,582) and Lam­borgh­ini Aven­ta­dor S (545kW; $788,914).

You’ll also have rar­ity on your side, as only a hand­ful of Hell­cats have been sold in Aus­tralia. It’ll give you some­thing to talk about should you come across fel­low Hell­cat owner Nick Kyr­gios. Can it match the AMG dy­nam­i­cally? Un­likely, but if you want to turn heads and fry tyres, here’s your car.

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