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Mus­tang GT and FPV Pur­suit Boss: Two dif­fer­ent takes on the Ford V8 coupe

EVEN THOUGH GM’s LS1 V8 was all a Ca­maro and HSV GTO have ever shared, that won’t stop some claim­ing a spir­i­tual re­la­tion when the Chevro­let finds lo­cal res­i­dency un­der HSV’s roof. So why can’t FPV’s 2012 Pur­suit Boss Ute be the same to the new 2018 Ford Mus­tang? Sure, it has two doors for en­tirely dif­fer­ent rea­sons, but with rear-drive, an LSD and a bel­low­ing V8, it’s like the Mus­tang’s dis­tant cousin rather than di­rect rel­a­tive. In fact, the blown 5.0-litre at the heart of the Pur­suit used the short­block from the Mus­tang’s Coy­ote. That’s not the case now that the Yank uses a third-gen 5.0-litre, which eas­ily trumps the Pur­suit’s out­puts and noise. How­ever, the Pur­suit’s fat bot­tom-end de­liv­ery mar­ried to a six-speed au­to­matic could chase down a ham-fisted man­ual driver. There’s lit­tle con­test on han­dling, with the FPV’s leaf springs and live rear axle no match for the finely honed Mus­tang pack­age. Looks, too, are eas­ily in the Mus­tang’s favour ac­cord­ing to our eyes. Nei­ther in­te­rior has ever been a cabin bench­mark. Call it a draw. Prac­ti­cal­ity wise, it’s another tie, with the Ute’s load-lug­ging tray matched by the Mus­tang’s abil­ity to carry another two hu­mans. Prove­nance is where things tip into the FPV’s favour. Pur­suit Utes were lit­er­ally the last of a kind. This means the Boss is more expensive than the sum of its parts, and com­mands from $40K to $60K based on con­di­tion – of­fer­ing choice of a col­lec­tor’s item, or a brand new bul­let.

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