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Gam­ing is the cheapest way to drive like crazy and get away with it (with your li­cence, car and life in­tact). It’s also a good way to re­lease stress. Pretty much any in­ter­ac­tive movie or a book can come to life with some games. I know of peo­ple over 50 years old who are avid gamers, and since video games make more money now than the big­gest Hol­ly­wood block­buster movies, it is no longer some­thing to be ashamed of/em­bar­rassed about (some peo­ple have had those ex­pe­ri­ences). It just irks me a lit­tle when peo­ple who aren’t gamers still look down on it as some­thing bad for your in­tel­lect/ life­style, etc. The best thing these peo­ple can do is go play some games (not smart­phone games ei­ther, proper ones) with an open mind in or­der to see why it’s such a mas­sive in­dus­try now. Mark Cook, via email Agreed. F1 teams don’t make their driv­ers spend hours and hours in a sim for noth­ing. We prob­a­bly need more gam­ing stuff in the mag, but we fear the mag­a­zine wouldn’t get done.

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