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I reckon too many spend too much for too lit­tle on tyres. Tyre rat­ings are over­rated. Why, for ex­am­ple, fit V/W/Y rated tyres when no-one in their right mind will travel on pub­lic roads at sus­tained speeds over 240/270/300km/h? Yes car mak­ers are re­quired to fit tyres that can match a car’s top speed, but on re­place­ment they only need be S rated for 180km/h, surely suf­fi­cient? On my E46 M3 I’ve just re­placed a no-name (wider than stan­dard) brand which gave great mileage, but were hor­rid in the wet. (Al­though you drive to con­di­tions don’t you?) In the end they were also noisy and pulling the car to the left. I ended up fit­ting Nex­ens – last on your list of 11 tested brands – for half the price of ‘pre­mium’ tyres. Af­ter 5000km on the Nex­ens the re­sult has been: car now tracks per­fectly, strong in the wet, quiet and com­fort­able; longevity un­known. On a track a tyre dif­fer­ence may be noted by an ex­pe­ri­enced driver, but for the road, what’s the point? And if reg­u­larly tracked, surely it’s best to have a spare set of wheels with R-spec tyres any­way? Gordon Bratts, via email A Nexen is miles bet­ter than some of those no-name tyres. Some of the more expensive tyres just give much greater feel than the cheaper ones. This alone makes driv­ing, even on a twisty road, much more en­joy­able.

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