break loose if it wasn’t for the host of trac­tion aids. There’s even tech con­fined within the front wheel arches that acts as mul­ti­stage rain and ice sen­sors – clever, that. Sadly, a soft­ware glitch pre­vented us from fully de­ac­ti­vat­ing the ESP.

Ul­ti­mately, a hand­ily spec­i­fied 992 can do much more than merely ac­cel­er­ate swiftly, steer ac­cu­rately and brake promptly. It can an­swer the driver’s ev­ery dy­namic whim by ad­just­ing the damper ac­tion, the ESP mode or the throt­tle re­sponse.

The 911 now has five dif­fer­ent lev­els of ex­cite­ment to tune the var­i­ous pa­ram­e­ters. Tap the big screen and those op­tions will pop up. They are la­belled Wet, Nor­mal, Sport, Sport Plus and In­di­vid­ual. Gone are the di­rect ac­cess but­tons next to the gear lever, so ev­ery sin­gle menu and sub­menu needs to be opened via the main dis­play. Surely the old-fash­ioned way would have been bet­ter here. No?

Find­ing fault with the sev­enth-gen 911 is nit-pick­ing at its finest. How­ever, the tun­ing of the PDK ’box when it is in Nor­mal mode is too dozy, a clear sign that econ­omy and emis­sions fac­tors came into play. Con­versely, in Sport and Sport Plus, high-revving hooli­gan­isms are once again the name of the hec­tic game. Yet still, when sta­tion­ary and floor­ing the throt­tle, ABOVE

With a new turn of speed (3.7sec to 100km/h for the S is su­per­car fast), the 911’s ri­vals should be wor­ried – oth­er­wise this view will be­come very fa­mil­iar in­deed revs are capped at 3500rpm – strange in­deed.

In­side, the new 911 wel­comes you with a dif­fer­ent blend of fash­ion and func­tion. The fas­cia looks fa­mil­iar, bit it is ac­tu­ally quite a so­phis­ti­cated new de­sign. The cen­tral rev counter still swings an ana­logue nee­dle and, some­what re­fresh­ingly, you still need to turn a key in the ig­ni­tion. How­ever, when the flat­six fires into life, four of the five round di­als are now dig­i­tal and freely pro­gram­mable. They’re quite com­plex as far as the depth of their tal­ent goes. High in the cen­tre con­sole re­sides a large touch­screen, which in­vites you to zoom, scroll and swipe (thanks to the Panam­era and Cayenne). Fin­ger train­ing also comes in handy when oper­at­ing the new multi-func­tion steer­ing wheel. The ro­tary thumb wheel re­mains with the boost op­tion ready to push at will.

Ul­ti­mately, the take-home story to the new 992 is this. The sev­enth gen­er­a­tion di­rects a greater por­tion of its en­hanced, high-tech con­tent to­wards con­ve­nience and com­fort. Thank­fully, it does so with­out com­pro­mis­ing the core qual­i­ties that have made this sports car a leg­end in its own right. It’s a prag­matic evo­lu­tion that’s not de­void of emo­tion.

Now that’s progress.

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