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Car­a­van, RV and Cam­per­trailer own­ers know that there are now many ap­pli­ances to run while on their trav­els. You can’t al­ways rely on the sun to shine (also the day turns to night!) nor can you run all your ap­pli­ances at the same time off so­lar! What you need is the abil­ity to adapt up to 10A of power, from a nor­mal power sup­ply point, con­tin­u­ously, safely and le­gally. Those who charge up at home, who live in their van or use it as a “spare room”, also need the con­tin­ual power. Un­til re­cently, it has been com­mon for RV own­ers to “whip up” their own dan­ger­ous meth­ods to con­nect their van’s 15Amp in­let to their home’s 10Amp power point. Home made plug con­nec­tions, also known as “death-leads” are not only il­le­gal, but can lead to elec­tri­cal over­loads caus­ing fire – and it won’t just be the mo­torhome go­ing up in smoke, it’ll be the house you’re plugged into (what are friends for…). Aside from the dan­ger to life and limb, us­ing an il­le­gal elec­tri­cal de­vice ren­ders your in­sur­ance null and void, plus you could be charged with an the of­fence. The team at Amp­fib­ian have de­signed and made the must-have so­lu­tion for all car­a­van or RV en­thu­si­ast: the Amp­fib­ian MAX is a weath­er­proof, H-Class (heavy duty) rated elec­tri­cal adap­tor that al­lows you to power up your ve­hi­cle be­fore you leave home, and dur­ing your trav­els. It is fully cer­ti­fied and com­plies with all rel­e­vant Aus­tralian Elec­tri­cal Stan­dards, keep­ing you not just safe, but also within the law. The MAX has a handy flip out hook for hang­ing it out of the way and a stain­less steel se­cu­rity bracket for peace of mind. The MAX doesn’t just pro­tect your wiring from over­load­ing; it also has a resid­ual cur­rent de­vice (R.C.D.) for per­sonal pro­tec­tion. An R.C.D. pro­vides earth leak­age pro­tec­tion. This means that faulty ap­pli­ances, old wiring, hu­man in­ter­fer­ence or other dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions will cause the safety R.C.D. to trip ex­tremely quickly, cut­ting the elec­tric­ity sup­ply be­fore you re­ceive se­ri­ous in­jury from elec­tro­cu­tion. To find out more about the MAX, or the new tough rub­ber HELLBENDER ex­ten­sion leads, and the rest of the range, please visit amp­fib­ au or phone 1800-FIBIAN to speak di­rectly with the peo­ple that de­sign and make this great range of Aussie prod­ucts.

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