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I’m a big bloke, and although I en­joy the se­cu­rity of sleep­ing in a swag, para­dox­i­cally, I find the in­te­rior of some hy­brid campers con­fin­ing. Maybe I’ve got a lit­tle Homer Simp­son in me? If I bang my head on a low door­way then I won’t do it once, I’ll do it a dozen times – but not in the Eclipse.

The 2012 AOR Eclipse is a big camper trailer, but as a boatie I’m used to tow­ing big items so it doesn’t con­cern me. But when the weather is in­clement or in the heat of the day, I like to re­treat to the com­fort of a hos­pitable in­te­rior in­stead of bat­tling with the el­e­ments, and the mul­ti­tude of blood thirsty crea­tures search­ing for a meal in the Aus­tralian out­back and trop­ics.

I do a lot of work on the road and that re­quires a com­fort­able space to down­load photos, write, or even just up­date my Face­book page. Put sim­ply, the Eclipse made me com­fort­able, and I re­ally liked the op­tion of an in­ter­nal or ex­ter­nal kitchen.

The Eclipse has a solid chas­sis with a very good un­der­car­riage that ac­tu­ally sur­prised me in the bush. It also has enor­mous stor­age fa­cil­i­ties for all my trav­el­ling clat­ter.

Yes in­deed, the Eclipse gets the thumbs up from me – it suits my cur­rent needs but, more im­por­tantly, my mindspace. John Willis, OCOTY judge

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