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bed can be an is­sue for some trav­ellers. Ex­plorer has de­vel­oped a very ef­fec­tive al­ter­na­tive, us­ing north­south sin­gle beds over the driver’s cab in­stead.

This Vi­sion mo­torhome also has a three-quar­ter bath­room across the rear, a near­side kitchen bench and a club lounge/dinette on the op­po­site side. Al­though the in­te­rior isn’t par­tic­u­larly spa­cious, the light colour scheme and large win­dow cre­ates a pleas­ant am­bi­ence. Ven­ti­la­tion is han­dled by a Fi­amma ceil­ing fan or a roof-mounted Dometic air-con­di­tioner, and the bed area also comes with a wall-mounted Sirocco 12V fan. Le­gal re­quire­ments con­cern­ing the lo­ca­tion of the Truma wa­ter heater means that in the­ory it can­not be used when the right-hand win­dow is open . There’s a cou­ple of cir­cuit con­tacts for that, and the gas space heater that is fit­ted to the win­dow pre­vents ei­ther be­ing used un­less the win­dow is closed.

Given the Lu­ton peak length is around 1.22m (4ft), you’re prob­a­bly cu­ri­ous how the north-south beds fit in. Quite sim­ply, by day the sin­gle beds are pushed

back into the Lu­ton peak. At night the 2 x 0.69m (6ft 7in x 2ft 3in) beds can be pulled out into the air space above the kitchen bench and the lounge. When pushed back, a sim­ple hook and eye keeps them in po­si­tion but fric­tion also helps.

A large fold­ing box step that hinges to the driver’s cab roof be­tween the beds, swings down to make climb­ing in and out of the beds quite easy. I like this sort of ar­range­ment be­cause it not only makes get­ting in and out of bed sim­pler, it is also eas­ier for mak­ing up the bed each night.


The lu­ton ceil­ing height of 800mm (2ft 8in) en­sures there’s a fair de­gree of air space and the win­dows on ei­ther side sup­ply a good cross flow of ven­ti­la­tion. Be­tween the beds are a bed­side cab­i­net and drawer. A flatscreen TV, mounted by the left-hand bed can be ad­justed to be seen from the beds or the dinette.

Most kitchens in a mo­torhome of this size are quite small but the Vi­sion is one ex­cep­tion to that rule. Built into the kitchen are two draw­ers and a cup­board that in­cludes two wire bas­ket draw­ers and a few cater­ing es­sen­tials. These are a three-burner cook­top, round stain­less steel sink, an un­der-bench mi­crowave oven and an un­der-bench 136L Waeco fridge. As usual, all the air space above the kitchen bench is de­voted to over­head lock­ers, with the one near­est the door con­tain­ing the all-im­por­tant elec­tri­cal panel.

Op­po­site the kitchen and un­der the off­side win­dow, the elon­gated U-shape lounge comes with an oval-shaped ta­ble and will seat two peo­ple with­out too much trou­ble. Both un­der-seat ends have draw­ers and when pulled out, the front one is a highly prac­ti­cal step for get­ting to the beds.

In the rear wall sec­tion, there’s a lit­tle bit of com­pro­mise with the bathrooom de­sign but not much. A Dometic cas­sette toi­let sits in the rear right­hand cor­ner and the shower cu­bi­cle is lo­cated on the op­po­site side.

In stan­dard form, the Ex­plorer Vi­sion comes with a 100Ah bat­tery and charger. How­ever in this case, op­tional so­lar pan­els and a sec­ond house bat­tery have been added and are use­ful for ex­tended re­mote travel. The 12V switches, wa­ter tank gauges, so­lar panel reg­u­la­tor, main 12V changeover switches and a 12V socket are found in the con­trol panel by the en­try door.


You might get a larger 2WD mo­torhome for the same price, but if of­froad travel is what you want, then the smaller, Hilux-based Vi­sion is go­ing to be a win­ner. It’s built for of­froad and re­mote tour­ing and comes fully equipped.

In ad­di­tion, the bed ar­range­ment is a prac­ti­cal one and makes good use of oth­er­wise idle air space. It’s an in­no­va­tive de­sign that of­fers more than the usual small cab chas­sis-based mo­torhome in­te­rior space, and one that works well for its de­signed pur­pose.

Clock­wise from above: The light colour scheme and large win­dow cre­ate a pleas­ant en­vi­ron­ment; there’s ex­tra stor­age with two draw­ers un­der the bench seat; you’ll find am­ple cup­board space for kitchen sup­plies; the kitchen is equipped with a three-burner c

Clock­wise from above: A step be­tween the two sin­gle beds makes climb­ing in and out of bed easy; over­head lock­ers and the elec­tric panel are lo­cated above the kitchen; the bath­room con­tains a toi­let and shower cu­bi­cle op­po­site; two peo­ple can sit com­fortab

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