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Lee Huskin­son sent us this pic of a pretty nasty gash. He ex­plains: “I was on Le Pleney [in Morzine, France] on a track I know in­side out. Com­ing in a tad hot, I slipped a pedal as I hit a square edge, which sent me OTB into a tree. Like an ap­ple thrown at a wall, my left leg ex­ploded! I pan­icked and pushed up the track look­ing for other rid­ers. For­tu­nately, a friend, Peter

Duke, came past, calmed me down and got me to hos­pi­tal. With 30-odd in­ter­nal stitches and 18 out­side, my leg’s back to­gether. My hand is bro­ken in three places, but at least I didn’t do a Cedric Gra­cia and tear my femoral artery! I’ll be back shred­ding be­fore too long.”

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