street smarts

Mountain Biking UK - - TOM CARDY -


An­a­lyse what you’re go­ing to ride, check it’s safe and clear the run-up and run-out of any de­bris.

Watch out for peo­ple! As soon as you make some­one jump or scare them by rid­ing too close, you’re do­ing it wrong. Give peo­ple time and space to avoid any is­sues.

Al­ways wear a hel­met and pads. Loads of BMX rid­ers don’t and it’s not cool!

Be re­spect­ful wher­ever you’re rid­ing. You’ll give bik­ers a bad name if you aren’t po­lite.

Send it and en­joy the end­less lines and pos­si­bil­i­ties street rid­ing has to o er!


Do any­thing that’ll be a risk to peo­ple around you – it’ll only cause prob­lems.

Ride some­thing that could break or be dam­aged. Again, it’s only go­ing to cause trou­ble.

Try rid­ing up a stair set at full speed – Tom’s mate did it once and blew both tyres and his fork up!

Run your sus­pen­sion or tyres too soft. This will cre­ate un­nec­es­sary sag and a loss of pump, caus­ing a loss of con­trol. Your bike needs to be as solid as pos­si­ble to get good pop, like a BMX.

Be scared – SEND IT!

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