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Light Emit­ting Diode. A solid-state elec­tri­cal el­e­ment that lights up brightly when an elec­tri­cal cur­rent is passed through it. Tough, en­ergy e"cient and long-last­ing.


Mea­sure­ment of the to­tal quan­tity of vis­i­ble light emit­ted from a source. The­o­ret­i­cal lu­mens are the max­i­mum pos­si­ble power of a light and bat­tery in a per­fect cir­cuit, and give an ex­ag­ger­ated idea of ac­tual power.


The re­flec­tor be­hind the LEDs and the lens in front of them con­trol how the light hits the trail. Flood or di!user op­tics spread the beam out, mak­ing it wide and shal­low.


Spot op­tics fo­cus the power of the light more nar­rowly for long-dis­tance reach.


Bat­ter­ies can be self-con­tained (in­te­grated into the head unit of the light) or at­tached via a cable and mounted on the frame/shoved into a pocket.


Lithium-ion. The form of bat­tery used in al­most all recharge­able bike lights and other de­vices (phones, lap­tops). Lighter, more e"cient and more tol­er­ant of ran­dom charg­ing regimes than most bat­tery types.

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