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All the lights here use one or more LEDs to pro­vide their light source. Gen­er­ally, the more LEDs, the more power. But be­cause LEDs can have di!er­ent power out­puts – or be ‘pushed’ to vary­ing out­puts – that’s not a rock-solid rule.


This turns the light o! and tog­gles it through its var­i­ous modes. Some are back­lit, oth­ers change colour to show power level or re­main­ing charge. ‘Strobe’ or ‘o!’ modes in the switch se­quence can be re­ally an­noy­ing/ dan­ger­ous. Re­mote switches are use­ful for chang­ing modes with­out tak­ing your hands o! the bar.


The amount of info avail­able from lights varies dra­mat­i­cally, from a frankly use­less “I’m go­ing to die com­pletely in five min­utes” red warning light, through ‘tra"c light’ run time in­di­ca­tors to full dig­i­tal charge/charg­ing and mode read­outs.


Mounts need to fit your han­dle­bar/hel­met (35mm bar op­tions are still lim­ited). They also need to be solidly se­cure, be­cause rat­tle or wob­ble can be re­ally con­fus­ing/dis­tract­ing.


Bat­ter­ies vary in size, shape and ca­pac­ity. Hard­shell ones can be harder to find space for but gen­er­ally slide around and scratch frames less than bag bat­ter­ies.

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