Gloworm X2 £174.99

Mountain Biking UK - - WRECKED & RATED -

Gloworm have been evolv­ing the ex­tremely adapt­able X2 over the years and this lat­est ver­sion is the tough­est yet. The ca­bles – a pre­vi­ous weak point – are now prop­erly stout, with bombproof con­nec­tions to the head, wired re­mote and boxy bat­tery. It comes on a hel­met clip mount, with bar and GoPro mounts in­cluded. The X2 is light and an­gle-ad­justable enough to work with a hel­met-peak mount too. Its three-mode trail menu can be cus­tom tuned. You can even change the de­fault tightly-fo­cused, clean-edged out­put by un­screw­ing the face­plate and switch­ing to the dif­fuser or spot lens in­cluded. Small LEDs set deep into the bat­tery face make the five-stage run time in­di­ca­tor slightly awk­ward to read but bat­tery life is rea­son­able for its small size and re­li­a­bil­ity has been rock solid now the ca­bles are sorted.

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