Alpkit Hadron £95

Mountain Biking UK - - WRECKED & RATED -

Alpkit’s re­branded Mag­ic­shine light bun­dle looks a real bar­gain, but test­ing re­vealed some trou­bles. For a start, the ac­tual out­put seems more like half that claimed. A fo­cused cen­tral punch means it still has ac­cept­able reach but the in­ter­me­di­ate beam is lumpy and ir­reg­u­lar, which can get con­fus­ing against com­plex back­grounds. The three-stage power menu in­cludes sketchy flash and then off se­quences too. That’s not as crip­pling as on some lights here though, be­cause the wire­less re­mote means you can flick past them with­out tak­ing your hand off the bar. The gen­er­ous hard­shell bat­tery al­lows a de­cent ride at full power. A hel­met mount and ex­ten­sion lead are in­cluded, and a rear light can be added via a Y-shaped cable split­ter. Mag­ic­shine re­li­a­bil­ity is nor­mally ex­cel­lent too.

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