At the risk of los­ing your at­ten­tion be­fore I’ve even started, I want to men­tion e-bikes. No, don’t go! It’s noth­ing heavy – for that you can go and look at any of this year’s Euro­bike cov­er­age on­line. No, this is just a gen­tle, re­lax-among-friends type of men­tion. Be­cause we de­cided to use one re­cently for one of their more ap­peal­ing pur­poses – help­ing us to com­plete a par­tic­u­larly de­mand­ing chal­lenge. Namely, ‘Ever­est­ing’. Briefly, this is the act of as­cend­ing the equiv­a­lent height of the world’s high­est moun­tain in one go, in an al­to­gether less hos­tile lo­ca­tion. We tweaked it up a bit and de­cided to de­scend the full dis­tance too, just for the hell of it. We thought we could do this be­cause we’d be us­ing an e-bike, which, as we all know, is ‘cheat­ing’ and would make life real easy, right? Well it turns out not, as our Fea­tures Ed, Al, found out. He still had to pedal hard enough on the 500m climb up Morzine’s Le Pleney to keep the mo­tor at its speed limit, and then ride the black run back down. Now, with the as­sis­tance of a mo­tor or not, that’s some pretty de­mand­ing phys­i­cal ex­er­tion. And Al was look­ing at 19 times up and 19 times down in un­der 12 hours, with a fierce elec­tri­cal storm and tor­ren­tial rain added into the mix. Sud­denly, us­ing the e-bike didn’t seem quite so much like cheat­ing any more. See whether he was suc­cess­ful on page 54, and watch his video

of the chal­lenge on MBUK.com.


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