Muc-Off No Punc­ture Has­sle tube­less sealant

£29.99 (1l bot­tle)

Mountain Biking UK - - WRECKED & RATED -

We tested the lat­est en­trant into the sealant market in our usual way – by pour­ing 100ml into a tyre (29x2.3in), pump­ing it up to 30psi and stab­bing it with in­creas­ingly large im­ple­ments. In be­tween each as­sault, we mea­sured the pres­sure loss and then re­in­flated the tyre to 30psi. The No Punc­ture Has­sle goop per­formed bet­ter than most, re-seal­ing the tyre af­ter it was stabbed with an 8mm screw­driver and hold­ing up to 25psi be­fore the seal broke. It couldn’t quite beat our bench­mark sealant – Ef­fetto Mari­posa’s Caf­féla­tex, which held more pres­sure un­der the same test. Muc-Off’s thick so­lu­tion also took longer to reach holes made away from the cen­tre of the tread. The same was true when we re­peated the test with 150ml of sealant per tyre. At £30 for a 1l bot­tle, it isn’t the cheap­est op­tion on of­fer ei­ther. Seb www.sil­ver­

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