New age of ski­ing


AS I write this, it has been a week of chal­leng­ing weather con­di­tions.

We are ex­pect­ing this to turn to snow on Satur­day be­fore this goes to print, so fin­gers crossed.

Al­though it’s de­press­ing to see it rain, good things are worth wait­ing for.

Snow­board­ing is fun, and a great way of life.

Let’s ap­pre­ci­ate snow­board­ing with a lit­tle his­tory on the sport that has drawn most of us here to Mt Buller.

Snow­board­ing goes back to the 1920s.

This is older than many of us would have thought.

In 1929, a Utah man M.J. Burchett cre­ated what many be­lieve to be one of the first snow­boards.

Burchett cut a ply­wood plank into a ride­able board and used both horse reins and clothes­lines to se­cure his feet.

Burchett re­cieved a lot of re­spect for his ef­forts to pi­o­neer snow­board­ing.

In the 60’s Sher­man Pop­pen was an engi­neer look­ing for a new toy to give to his daugh­ter when he in­vented what would be­come known as the “snurfer.”

Pop­pen’s orig­i­nal snurfer was made by fas­ten­ing two skis to­gether and at­tach­ing a rope at the front.

In the 1970s, the first snurf­ing com­pe­ti­tions were or­gan­ised.

The Fly­ing Yel­low Ba­nana was de­vel­oped in 1977.

This was just a plas­tic shell cov­ered with a sur­face sim­i­lar to a skate­board, but at the time it was a ma­jor step in snow­board­ing.

Then thanks to snow­board de­sign pioneers such as Dim­itri­jie Milovich (Win­ter­stick), Jake Bur­ton (Bur­ton Snow­boards), and Tom Sims (Sims Snow­boards) we get to ride the awe­some equip­ment that we do to­day.

In 2000, snow­board­ing was the fastest-grow­ing sport in the US, with rid­ers and en­thu­si­asts num­ber­ing to a to­tal of just over 7.2 mil­lion.

It’s funny to think that snow­board­ers were once the grungy un­ap­pre­ci­ated mem­bers of the snow so­ci­ety.

We are now a huge pres­ence that brought life and in­ter­est back into the snow in­dus­try, and helped spark a rev­o­lu­tion in ski­ing.

Now snow, Buller.

RATTY’S SO­LU­TION: If there is a lack of snow, you can still make the most of it with great friends as she does when trav­el­ling the world.

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