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RE: “Smoke clears at ( Mt Druitt-St Marys May 27).

I don’t smoke but se­ri­ously I’m against it. They (smok­ers) al­ready pay a stupid amount of tax on it and you blocked them (cig­a­rette com­pa­nies) from even show­ing their logo, which they paid mil­lions for, and now you want to fine peo­ple smok­ing if they get too close to places where peo­ple eat? Yeah, good luck en­forc­ing that. LIMA BRAVO, via Face­book eater­ies,” Stan­dard, ple don’t want smoke.

It will do more good than harm and that’s wel­comed from me, es­pe­cially at shop­ping cen­tres and West­field where they stand near the en­trance and you get a dead set load of the crap blown in your face.

Maybe the West­field could move the smoke trays away from the en­trance.

to in­hale their

AMY LEIGH, via Face­book

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