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Plant­ing: Trees around the home can pro­vide shade, pri­vacy, in­crease prop­erty value, flow­ers, fruit or a bird habi­tat. Com­bine this in­for­ma­tion with knowl­edge about the site. Con­sider the long-term af­fects, in­clud­ing the ma­tured shape and size of the tree and whether the roots might in­vade sewer lines, lift and crack side­walks or make bumpy lawns Prun­ing: Trees are gen­er­ally trimmed for aes­thetics, safety or health rea­sons. It is best to prune a tree dur­ing its dor­mant sea­son. Only trim branches that have weak and nar­row an­gles and avoid cut­ting off strong, healthy branches. Al­ways hire a qual­i­fied ar­borist to prune trees that are dif­fi­cult to ac­cess or large in size Re­mov­ing: Trees un­der a cer­tain height and di­am­e­ter can usu­ally be re­moved with­out ap­proval. Con­tact your lo­cal coun­cil for ad­vice and con­sent. An ar­borist will then make an as­sess­ment

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