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WOMEN who use weights can turn their bod­ies into a “lean, mean fat burn­ing ma­chine”, ac­cord­ing to SGAC fit­ness ser­vices con­sul­tant Graham Doolan.

Mr Doolan said it was a myth that do­ing weights would have an in­stant bulk body­builder ef­fect.

“Mus­cle mass, un­less you’re a male be­tween age 16 and 25 with high-lev­els of testos­terone, takes a long time to de­velop,” he said.

Mr Doolan said weight train­ing changes your body shape as it in­creases lean mus­cle mass and has a high EPOC (Ex­er­cise Post-Ex­er­cise Oxy­gen Con­sump­tion).

“Car­dio train­ing burns more fat while per­form­ing the ac­tiv­ity then weight train­ing,” he said.

“How­ever once your car­dio is over, so is most of the calo­rie-burn­ing ef­fect.”

He said EPOC in­creases meta­bolic rate (calo­rie burn­ing) that con­tin­ues for sev­eral hours af­ter you have fin­ished train­ing.

“Any in­crease in mus­cle mass per­ma­nently in­creases your me­tab­o­lism mak­ing the body a fat-burn­ing ma­chine,” Mr Doolan said.

“Another ben­e­fit, es­pe­cially for women, is that mus­cle pulls on bone so greater mus­cle in­volve­ment in­creases bone den­sity.”

He said it was a myth that you needed equip­ment to achieve ex­er­cise re­sults.

“Fit­ness can be achieved do­ing lots of ac­tiv­i­ties that don’t re­quire any equip­ment,” Mr Doolan said.

“Walk­ing, run­ning, body weight ex­er­cises (squats, push ups and sit ups).

“Other op­tions with min­i­mal equip­ment in­clude swimming, bike rid­ing, skip­ping and box­ing.”

It is a myth that women who use weights will bulk up quickly.

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